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Princess Party: Decor ideas

Nothing speaks "princess" like jewels, gold and shine.

For your princess party, choose decorations that sparkle and glitter.


Balloons are a must at any birthday. Tape colorful balloons in gold, silver and purple around your entrance door for a royal archway.

Even colored balloons all over the “dance floor” creates a wonderful effect.

If it's a nice day, purchase a small helium tank and put some balloons on the mailbox too to show your royal guests the way to the event.

The Royal Table:

Make fabulous royal goblets with inexpensive jewel pieces hot glued to plastic champagne flutes or wine glasses. Do the same with clear plastic plates with the jewels along the outside ridge. Tie the napkins with purple ribbon and you’re set. Fun and inexpensive!

On the table, sprinkle fun gold confetti stars and decorate plastic champagne flute goblets with jewels from the craft store.

Turn your princess' chair into a royal throne with a purple tablecloth draped over it with a gold ribbon bow on the back.