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Princess Party: Game ideas

All princesses love games so your party should have at least one! Great princess games abound but keep it simple.

Try a fun game of musical slipper. Purchase an inexpensive high-heeled shoe at a garage sale or resale shop and spray glitter paint or decorate with gems and jewels. Start the music and have the girls pass the slipper around the circle. When the music stops, the one with the slipper sits in the "throne" (a chair in the center of the circle) while the game continues. Keep going until everyone has a chance to sit in the chair of honor.

Another fun "sit down" game is "what's missing?" Place some typical princess items: tiara, magic wand, lipstick, jewelry, etc., onto a large tray. Have all the girls look over the tray carefully. Then in another room, remove ONE item from the tray and have the girls try to guess which item was "stolen."

Hide some gold-foiled covered coins around the house and have a hunt to return the royal treasure. Use a lovely glass bowl as the treasure chest.

And then there's just dancing. Fill the royal dance floor with balloons of white, silver and gold and then play some fun music and let the girls dance and kick around the balloons. Don't forget the camera!