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Princess Party Invitation Ideas

Being a princess requires invitations of the most royal kind. You can purchase fun princess-like invitations at the local dollar store, but why do that when you can make fabulous ones simply with some paper and a computer!

Idea #1: Lovely linen paper is easy to find at your local craft or office supply store. Run it through your home printer with a fancy font and you're done.

Idea #2: Using a fun and elegant font (Storybook or Lucinda are a couple of our favorites), type up your invitation on a full sheet of paper. Use your word processing software to make a decorative border, or give the kids some rubber stamps and ink to dress it up. Then roll each sheet up like a scroll and tie with purple and gold ribbon.

Send the invitations out about 2-3 weeks before your tea so your guests can plan accordingly. Hand deliver the invitations to your royal guests for the best effect. If you need to send them, you can slip them into an empty paper towel roll, cover the ends and place a mailing label and postage on the outside. Yes, the post office will take and mail this for you and it's so much more fun than just getting an envelope!